Saturday, June 11, 2011

May 19 – June 6

Well, it’s been an interesting couple of weeks.  I’ve been on another job, made some silver jewelry – by myself!, and experienced the town of Roma. 
There were two pretty quiet weeks that unfortunately coincided with the weeks my direct boss was done.  I really need to get some online training things done with him, so it’s too bad that all I did for two weeks at work didn’t get me any closer to getting that done.  I spent a lot of time at the base getting tools calibrated, learning how to drive in Australia, and keeping on top of my learning.  Now that things have picked up again, all that’s gone out the window.  In good news though, I finally went out on a weekend in Roma to experience the town!  Yeah….  There are some bars, and there’s one place to go dancing.  Honestly, I rather enjoyed it, but I don’t need to drink every night like some of my co-workers like to do.  Nic and I have decided that we need to have more game nights, so I think this weekend we’ll be inviting people over for some Phase Ten, Uno, and euchre.  I’m sure we can teach the Canadians euchre, but the Aussies don’t seem too interested in it.  I’m really enjoying living with Tamara and Tiffany, and I’m going to be sad when Tamara leaves us for school in Russia.  Also, it’s really nice to have someone younger than you that can help you with all the calibrations!  I really am going to be bottom of the totem pole next week!  Tiffany and I went to a silver making class at the community center in Roma one weekend.  I made a nice little ring and bracelet.  I will definitely be going back again.  I’ve also starting going to church in Roma.  I tried the Catholics, but I found them a bit stuffy.  I’ve found a church that is called a Uniting Church, and its theology is Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, and Conservative (whatever that means).  There’s a female minister from South Dakota that I’m fond of there, and I hope to be going back soon.  Admittedly with this job, that’s not always an easy thing to promise.     
I am working pretty hard on ‘breaking out’ though.  I know this job isn’t exactly fantastic for me, but I would like to be good at it, and part with it on my own terms.  In order to do that, I need to break out as soon as possible.  I’m on a job right now near Tara, QLD (if you want to look it up on a map).  It should be an interesting two days of job, and I have a good crew to see me through it.  I’m really missing home these days, but I keep trying to tell myself that this will pass in time.  I don’t really feel like that’s true right now; it just seems like I’m missing so much these days.  I missed 2 weddings of people I really care about, and the way things are going, I probably won’t make it home for my cousin’s wedding either.  I feel like it’s better to have a job in the States, and at least have the option of going home, than to be here, where I don’t have any choice at all.  I hope these feelings go away, and that I start to like it more here, and soon.  I’ve been homesick before, but this is worse.  Here’s to hoping tomorrow feels better.

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