Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December 26

Well, it's been an interesting Boxing Day.  Having never celebrated boxing day before, I found it to be just about the same as our Day after Christmas.  Worked out, and then I headed out to go shopping!  I broke my sandals the day before, so I was on the hunt!  Unfortunately I just couldn't get in the shopping spirit.  The mall was packed, but I did find some shirts, fancy shampoo, and new undies.  Home for a nap, and then I spent a few hours working.  Yeah for having a Sunday free!! 

December 25

Well, I actually did go to work, but only for about 3 hours!  Then Wichien, Togto, and I headed over to the homeless SLB Christmas party.  Had a really great time.  Played some cricket and bocci ball, and had a really big spread of food to choose from.  Granted it was over 100 degrees, but it was a good time.  Then Nick and I headed over to the Shannon's, friends of Nick's from Texas.  Kevin, Cynthia, and Collin, their son that I went to the Muse concert with, had a really awesome Christmas.  It's so wonderful is it to meet people that seem just like your family, when you're so far from home.  I'll be sending them a thank you card!  Came home and listened to Christmas music.  A good day by far.  :)

December 24

Merry Christmas Eve!  Today was the loadout for the tools I've been helping Osama and Ally get ready all week.  Wow, thank heavens that is done!  I started studying pretty hard, but I still have a long way to go.  I came home early, around 3 PM.  Ha.  :)  Work out, the I made a nice dinner.  Fish, pasta, steamed veggies, and a few cookies for desert.  Togto, my boss, came over for a wine and some cheese and crackers, before I convinced him to go to church.  Mass at the Catholic Cathedral was nice, if crowded.  Home for an early night.  It's not quite Christmas at home, but it was a nice day. 

December 23

Everybody is pretty pumped for Christmas, I admit it, I'm a little distracted!  I went grocery shopping, and got a royal talking to from the bosses at work. I haven't been working hard enough according to them.  :(  Guess who'll be working over Christmas?  Me!  Sigh...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December 21

Well, it got hot today.  Really, really hot, and I got really, really busy!  It sure was nice to be on the move all day, but I'm astounded at how difficult it can be to get a load together.  Home late, then a nice long workout.  I had a quick dinner, and I should be working right now, but I can't find the motivation.  I guess tomorrow is going to be a late one!

December 20

Long day in the office, 12 hours.  It was my first rainy day in Perth.  I wish I could have spent it in bed with a book though.  Perth’s having a drought these days, so a nice solid day of soft rain was exactly what they needed.  Home late, and I’m exhausted.  Laura moved out, Sarah is off-shore, so it’s just me in the apartment.  Kind of lonely actually.  Good excuse to go to bed early!

December 19

Wow, awesome, awesome day!  Woke up early with good intentions, but instead I skyped with Mom and Dad for an hour or so.  I walked over to the The Ashes cricket game, about 4 blocks from my house, and tried to scalp some tickets.  I didn’t have much luck, but Nick got us some 2 of the best seats in the house, $75 each.  We got seats under the canopy, instead of the hot sun, and sat next to a really nice Australian couple.  Aussie’s got 5 wickets in about 50 minutes.  Great game though, very suspenseful.  Then everybody in the stadium stayed around for another hour to hear all the players talk, to sing strange English songs, I wasn’t following along, and to drink all the beer they could.  (Side note: not once while we were discussing going to the game did Nick tell me that it might only last an hour.  That Australia only had to make 5 wickets (outs), and then the game would be over.  Sigh.)  It was a really great experience though.  Since The Ashes only comes to Australia one every 4 years, I’m thrilled I got to go.  I bought a snazzy hat.  Nick and I went and had brunch afterwards, and then I went to buy some household items.  I should have gone shopping, since the sales have been terrific, but I just wasn’t feeling it.  I read, made a little snack, and got ready for the concert!  Nick, Colin (Nick’s friend from back home who lives in Perth), and co-worker Matt went to the Muse concert.  I ended up having to run to the train station, but I survived.  Took the train out there, I love public transport! 

December 18

Well, it was in to work early.  I think I woke Togto up, but he did say 8:30 AM!  Long day at work, but I really like working on the weekends.  A lot less pressure to get tools out the door, and I can actually work on my schoolwork.  Came home late, ran to the grocery store to get a few things before they closed.  Then spent the night watching Back to the Future 2 and reading the Millennium series of books.  Not too exciting, but I have big plans for tomorrow!! 

December 17

Yeah, Friday!  Work, work, work.  Wichien, who is a quality trainer in Wireline, and from Thailand, invited a few of us to the nicest Thai restaurant in the city.  He didn’t disappoint.  An awesome meal, the staff was excellent, and the food was fantastic.  The best dish was a whole fried fish, with a spicy sauce and vegetables on it.  I would go back any day of the week, hopefully I get the chance.   Togto, one of my bosses, finally came back from training/vacation, so I got the opportunity to meet him.  He’s from Chad, and a pretty nice fellow.  We then went out to a bar near our apartments, we all live within a block of each other.  Had a few beers, and then I walked home.  Wichien and Togto were giving me shit for not staying out, but hey, I’m tired!  Good night.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

December 16

Busy, busy day.  Lots of work going on in the workshops.  Nobody wants to be here over Christmas.  I found out that my class is probably going to be pushed up, I’ll be starting January 9th, not the 23rd like I thought before.  Oh well, should be interesting.  It just means I need to work harder to get all the work done for my class preparation.  Laura and Sarah went out for the fanciest dinner in Perth tonight.  I’m a bit jealous, I admit, but I’m sure I’ll get there eventually.  I just finished “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” by Stieg Larsson.  I loved it.  I probably shouldn’t be reading fiction while I get ready for school, but that’s just how I am.  Only 9 days till Christmas.  Hopefully it’s fun. Still not feeling well.  I might actually have to go to the doctor.  Booh.

December 15

Quick day.  I'm not feeling very well, so I'll keep it short.  Off to bed with lots of fluids, Vitamin C, and a good book!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December 14

Well, the junior engineers got a talking to from our boss.  Apparently we haven't been working hard enough, or producing enough.  Sigh.  Okay, so I'm staying busy today!  Jess is the first of us to go to Roma, she leaves tonight at 11 PM and get to Roma at 10 AM.  It really sucks that she doesn't get to sleep, but I'm sure I'll be having just about the same experience.  I spent all morning working on the wireline jars, which are used when a toolstring gets stuck downhole.  Then I worked for awhile on organizing the workbenches.  Good stuff!  Another invigorating walk after work, and I made stirfry using self-safe noodle packets.  Why don't we have more of those in the states, they're great!  I actually downloaded pictures, so hopefully I'll get some of them up tonight.  :)  Here's a picture of the Indian Ocean at Sunset.  Enjoy.

December 13

Quiet day.  Feeling a bit down, but I did get some work done by preparing for my school.  Made dinner with the roommates, quite delicious.  On to sleep.