Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 15 - May 18

Home late makes Mary Kate a sleepy girl.  Also, that job was tiring.  Sunday is just another workday at Schlumberger, so I spent the morning finalizing my job.  Making new prints for the client, and getting things finished from the job.  I left around lunch, and had great plans to finally go see all the wonders of Roma!  ….  But, the other guys from work called up and invited the ladies over for some barbecue and beverages.  It’s was a pretty good time, but I am making it a goal to finally get out and see the city this next weekend!  The first couple days of this week have been pretty uneventful.  We, Nic, Tamara, and I have been calibrating tools at work, and hanging out with Tiffany in the evening.  Nic has been a mooch with stealing our Internet and food, but don’t worry, we’re going to make him make it up to us!  I’ve been running starting this week – got to stay nice and strong to do a good job at work!  I finally spotted a big spider, and darn those things are scary.  It was a good 3 inches across, and I almost walked into the darn thing.  I’m going to be sticking to sidewalks and roads from now on.  No walking in the countryside without daylight!  Life is going okay here.  I’m still missing things about the States a great deal, but I’m getting used to things over here.  Vegemite is never going to be my favorite though! 

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