Saturday, May 14, 2011

May 13 - May 14

Well, we left for the job at the crack of dawn – literally, which is about 6 AM, and arrived in Miles for breakfast, where we found out that they are still pulling pipe out of the well.  According to the schedule, this means that we won’t even be ready for logging till at least 2 AM tomorrow.  So this means, I’m sitting in camp, and I’m about to to take a nap! 
Well, we're delayed again.  Looks like it will be around 9 AM on the 14th.  I wish I would have know that before having the worst sleep ever.  :(
Finally, I did a job!!!!  It went terribly smoothly, more so than typical.  Myself and Tim were the co-engineers, and we had 2 operators, Coshy (a nickname) and Josh.  I was fairly nervous, but I'm glad that I did some studying ahead of time.  There's just a lot I have yet to learn with how the data s send to the client.  I can get better at that though.  I saw 2 wallabys and 2 kangaroos!!!  According to Coshy though, nobody really eats them.  What a bummer.  I'm pretty tired, so I'm calling this a night.  :)  Good, good, good feeling today.  I might actually like and be good at this job.  Both at the same time is something I've really been wondering about.

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